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Automatically restart programs that freeze


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More than once you've probably left a program running on your PC and, upon returning, found that it froze and didn't complete the task.

This may happen with important programs (related to your local server, for instance), or with programs you use at home (P2P applications). Either way, a program freezing up is a headache.

Restarter is a very useful program that helps you avoid this problem. The application monitors all the Windows applications you have running and restarts them if they freeze or if your computer has to be restarted.

The way it works is very simple. Open it while other applications are running and it will monitor all the processes. If something happens, Restarter will restart the failed process and keep the application running normally.

Also, if you use it regularly, you can save a configuration so that Restarter will open up certain programs and run in a particular way.

The download link redirects you to the author's webpage. From there, you can download this program by clicking on the Download button. Once downloaded, rename the folder and delete the HTM extension.


Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, although you'll need administrator permission for Windows Vista and Windows 7.